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Christiana Mall Re-Development Project

Christiana Mall Redevelopment

In May of 2008 Diamond Materials LLC mobilized at The Christiana Mall and was ready for the challenge of performing all items that were part of this $9,850,000.00 high profile project.

Design and Craftsmanship:

To gear up, all submittals were in place months before the projected start date. This was ensuring that when the light turned green everything was go.

The unique part of this project was that different scopes of construction were lumped into one package.

Earthmoving-Site Utilities-Stone & Asphalt Paving-were different scopes on this project.

The design was a challenge with the different phases and portions needing performed and not conflicting with concurrent activities performed. Various design changes occurred with no consideration of time extensions.

Excellence in Project Teamwork

Diamond Materials forged ahead with moving 50,000 cubic yards of on site borrow. This activity was difficult due to the phasing aspects of the project.

Diamond Materials LLC utilized all milled surfaces of the existing parking lots & was a key to keeping the project accelerated for this Phased project.

Diamond Materials LLC recycled all demoed concrete & utilized this material for reuse in unstable areas.

Weekly progress meetings with the Owners/General Contractor/Diamond Materials/ & Diamond’s Subcontractors were coordinated so that no conflicts with Mall Shoppers/ security issues & or construction sequences occurred.

Meeting the Challenge

The summary of the project was to perform specified items in eight separate phases. Diamond Materials reevaluated the project and proposed accelerating the schedule by performing the major earthwork items concurrently. The project consisted of excavating 50,000 CY of unsuitable on-site borrow and replacing with crushed concrete. The existing parking lots were milled, recycled, and reused as sub-base. Working off hours for the storm-sanitary-water utilities insured that earthwork operation would continue during the daytime shifts. This also occurred so that the first four phases would be completed before Thanksgiving 2008. The last four phases commenced spring 2009. This construction consisted of removing and replacing 1/3 of the existing ring road plus the outside phases of the project. This portion also & was to be completed by the holiday shopping season.

Making the Project an Award Winner

The strict schedule along with the coordination that brought this high profile project in on time is a key factor. This proved that with perseverance and determination a company can forge ahead and can complete a project on time. This is also a project that the general public uses and sees on a daily basis, it gives us great pride that we were part of giving the Tri-States most utilized shopping mall an updated modern facelift.


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