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Diamond Materials, LLC milling machines are regularly on the job in the Delaware, Southeast Pennsylvania, and New Jersey areas. A great deal of their time is dedicated to state, county and local road repaving contracts. The balance of their time is spent on subcontract or rental work or working with other contractors.

Milled asphalt is most often used in Recycled Asphalt Products (RAP), in which certain percentages may be mixed with other ingredients to produce new asphalt roadway materials. The percentages used vary from project to project, and are usually specified in the contract documents. Other uses for the millings are subbase, sometimes enriched with added stone, and as temporary driveways and laydown areas on site development projects.

The alternatives to milling often require expensive processing with crushers and screens, to make the material suitable for use in RAP or as subbase material, or requires dumping in a landfill with the attendant dumping fees.
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